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Provide Emergency Care for At-Risk Children

Support families and prevent abuse and neglect by helping keep infants and children safe in a loving environment. Your gift today will be used to provide a refuge for at-risk children and a source of support for desperate parents who need emergency care.

*Please consider covering the credit card fees. As with all things, our costs for credit card fees are on the rise, as well!

Vanessa Behan’s vision is to provide immediate refuge for children and support to strengthen families. Following Vanessa Behan’s tragic death, a group of local businesspeople established our organization so that parents would have a safe place to bring their children in the face of crises.

Our primary services are:

  • 24-hour childcare for infants and children under the age of thirteen
  • Parent education
  • Crisis counseling for parents
  • Referrals to other community agencies

We help parents who are having difficulty providing safe shelter and care for their children. They may be dealing with issues as complex as substance abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. Or they may just be exhausted and worn-out from the demands of parenting.


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